Project Description

In 2012, Robert Sexton, Race Manager for the Knik 200 Joe Redington Sr. Memorial Sled Dog Race, approached Ground Effect Media for help. The race was in the process of coming back from hard times.

What was desperately needed was a new website, a social media presence, and a new-found confidence among fans that not only would the race continue, but that it would come back stronger than ever. That confidence would have to be earned.

Ground Effect Media stepped in and designed a new website from the ground up, typifying the Phoenix-like resurrection of the race itself. Once the website was built, we established a regular maintenance and update routine for the Knik 200 that assured new traffic and return visitors. Integration with Facebook and Twitter social media profiles that Ground Effect Media created for the Knik 200 was the next phase.

With these changes in place, the Knik 200 (a sanctioned Yukon Quest and Iditarod race qualifier), the race gained momentum among race fans, television, and print media.

“Ground Effect Media was our game changer. Our website now includes online registration, social media tie-ins, and so much more.”
Robert Sexton, Knik 200 Race Manager